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Happy 4th Anniversary Naijaway

happy Aniversary Naijaway.com

Birthday is a special moment in everybody’s life both in human and organization that was why when it finally gets to that special day it is set aside to be celebrated. As a human being you know what it is to celebrate a birthday and the challenges you have encountered in life. So also is an organization. As an organization celebrating a birthday is very important because you know the challenges along the way and how far it takes you to overcome them. Many organization/brand started with you but you are still a stand out and have not fall down. Considering the hard work and dedication you have put in it and the right team that have helped you to achieve it, you will probably see the reason for celebrating your organization birthday anniversary.

This was how it all began with an innovative thinker, a researcher, a programmer, a web developer, a risk taker and above all a very loyal and dedicated individual Prince Jacob Onyobi.

He started the journey of Naijaway in his room on the 24th day of July 2012. As a start up he was very dedicated and committed in achieving his dreams. Today Naijaway has become a popular brand with many people now visiting the site on a daily basis. This idea has brought him close to many high profile individuals in the blogging industry. This idea of his has also made him a stand out. His friends always look up to him and say “You are a genius”.
His idea has enabled him to impact on other individuals positively and helping them to succeed.

Naijaway 4th year celebration will be celebrated with a different style.
We are going to show the love back to our fans, they have been showing us love from day1 and now it is time to show them love back. Because without you the fans we can do nothing and will not be even were we are today.
Price will be given to our fans and for you not to be left out you can also be part of it.
In Naijaway 4th Year celebration everybody is a winner.
All you need to do is to join the trend on twitter by posting a birthday wish and using the #tag #CEO_NAIJAWAY. With this #tag we will be notified of how many messages you shared on your wall and also share your tweet with your friends and tell them to help you retweet and like your tweet. By doing this you are on the way of becoming our number 1 winner. The trend has already started and today we decided to make it official so that by 24 you will be among the winners.
Don’t be left out. Start tweeting today, share our post to your various social media platform, you might just be our next winner. Don’t be in the second position, be in the first position and the champion. There are lots of gift to be given out to the winners but the number 1 spot take the highest. So be the number1 today.
With love from us the Naijaway Team we want to thank you all our fans for being there for us and once again “Happy Birthday to Naijaway.
Also to all our participant we wish you success and continue to keep the love flowing.

God bless you all #CEO_NAIJAWAY

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