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Browse Unlimitedly On Mtn Musicplus Updated


UPDATE: Mtn did some changes in the music plus MB
Code which lots of complains have been made about.
Try out the below codes and select the one that works
best for you.

1st Method:
Text Music in an sms to 5900
After their reply Dail *559*2# to check if you are given
the music plus mb, if you have not been given with that
sms don’t worry and goto message then type “D”
without quotes to 5900 check your mb and you will see
150mb this look kinda small but you can renew it.
After exhausting the mb just send “cancel7d” without
quotes to 5900 then after receiving a message head
back to message and type “D” again to 5900, you can
repeat this upto 1000 times a day.

2nd Method
Text Capital letter “I” to 5900 to get free 150mb valid
for 7 days
To cancel after exhausting send Cancel7i to 5900

3rd Method
Text B to 5900 to receive 30mb valid for 3 Days
To cancel after exhausting send Cancel7B to 5900

For Simple Android Server

Download simple server from playstore

Create a new apn with the following configuration

Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

Download simple server and launch then configure it with the below settings

Click on general settings and then tick Enable Proxy

Proxy Host:
Enable the injection and use
Injection method: Get
Injection Query : http://musicplus.mtnonline.com

Injection Host:musicplus.mtnonline.com
Injection line: Press your enter key four times

Then back to the homepage and click on local server settings and Tick Use Global Proxy
Log Level: Debug
Concurrent connection: 10

Hit back to the homepage and Connect.

For Psiphon Handler

Download and Launch psiphon handler then configure with below settings

Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy server: musicplus.mtnonline.com
Real proxy type : inject
Real proxy port:8080
The save tunnel whole device and click on option

Look down and option then below it you will have to select a region just select best performance

Click on more option and tick the box beside connect through an HTTP and chose use the following settings now configure..

Host adress:
Port:8080 just hit back to home and start

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