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Read: 5 Simple Tips to Get Rid Of Dry Skin

dry skin
Our skin often becomes dry, rough, and sometimes scratchy when it loses too much moisture to keep it soft and supple.

And this could be caused by various issues, such as the weather, health disorders, or the natural aging process. No matter what uses it, there are many things you can do to reduce dry skin and rough, a good rough, of the essential natural moisture it’s lost.

Here are some 5 rough, tips from naijaway.com which you can apply to help treat your rough, skin:

1. Apply Moisturizer On rough, Skin Daily

Moisturizing your skin on a daily basis is compulsory to keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

Majority of the moisturizing products you find in stores now typically consist of ingredients such as emollients and humectants, which enable the skin to hold water. Emollients such as petrolatum or mineral oil cover the spaces in between skin cells to address the appearance of harsh-looking skin. Humectants like glycerin and urea are successful at extracting water within the air that surrounds you.

Besides skin moisturizers, these ingredients (emollients and humectants) can also be found in body washes, deodorants and even cleansing bars.

2. Use Only Soaps That Do Not Contain Any Harsh Ingredients (That Will Irritate And Dry Our Skin)

A variety of regular types of soaps can be somewhat harsh and leave your skin feeling dry and rough.

This is because some of these soaps eliminate your skin’s natural layer of lipids that protect it in addition to extracting the essential moisture your skin needs to remain soft and healthy.

Hence, you should only use what is called a “mild soap” These are soaps without any harsh ingredients that will cause irritation and dryness to your skin.

3. Make Sure The Deodorant You Use Contains Emollients & Humectants

Although many deodorants claim to help prevent dryness, most times they are the reason why you have dry skin in the first place!

Try to buy deodorants that contain emollients and humectants as one of the ingredients as mentioned earlier.

4. Over-The-Counter/Prescription Creams

Many individuals, as a result of their dry skin condition, may suffer from symptoms such as skin irritation, causing their skin to become itchy. In such cases, your dermatologist may prescribe a cream containing hydrocortisone as one of the ingredients to help address the itching, while at the same time, help to reduce your skin’s dryness.

However, if your dry skin did not result in your skin to itch, all you need is an over-the-counter cream, that contains ingredients such as urea or acetic acid, or a combination of both, to heal your dry skin condition.

5. Limit Your Baths And Showers To No More Than 15 Minutes

Even though it may seem understandable to prolong your bath or shower to replenish your skin with moisture, it actually has the opposite effect. Extended periods of direct water contact will remove your skin’s natural oil, causing it to become dry and for some individuals, they may experience itchiness.

Therefore, you should limit your baths and shower to a maximum of 15 minutes for healthy, moisture-rich skin.

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